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I was a student for 3 years now work for the University. Can someone help? I have newer versions but work faster in and would like to have a working version. Are you saying you 3 yr license is not longer active? If you have the software already there’s no need to reinstall it. Mark Lancaster. Did this autodesk maya 2015 help free your issue? Please accept it “As a Solution” so others may benefit from it.

MAYA does not open saying my lisc number has expired. I tried to re-install it but uses same lisc number so it wont open.

I would like to keep using You have clearly indicated you were a student and now you work for the university. You are no autodsek consider as a student. I have included information below to get you set up. Please “Accept As Solution” if a reply or replies have helped resolve the issue or answered your question, to help others in the community.

I tried to redo hrlp role from student to educator. I’ll try again following your instructions. Thank you. I’ve tried to autodesk maya 2015 help free my role from student to educator hekp I have the same email address as I did when I was a student so it says “this account already exists” and won’t let me change roles.

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Autodesk Maya Basics Guide, Book – SDC Publications.

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Autodesk maya 2015 help free


This document describes known limitations, issues and fixes in Autodesk Maya It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release.

For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy. For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see: Maya Installation Help. To learn about new features in this release see: What’s New in Maya. For complete documentation and resources, see: www. For certified hardware, see: www. For more Maya Support, see: www. The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.

Additional Resources. For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see: Maya Installation Help To learn about new features in this release see: What’s New in Maya For complete documentation and resources, see: www. What’s Fixed. MAYA Deleting scene assembly reference nodes connected to non-deletable nodes creates a condition where non-deleteable’s are deleted hyperGraphLayout.

When batch caching a hair system on animated geometry, the hair attachment could be off by one frame from the geometry 2. For 2 or more hair systems with only output curves no paint effects using the same nucleus solver, the draw of the output curves for the 2nd and subsequent hair systems was off by one frame.

This bug has now been fixed. MAYA Added an utility to check if we are using remote desktop Windows only Maya checks for use of remote desktop. Remote desktop should not be used for Viewport 2. This meant that the contents didn’t match the file type. MAYA Viewport 2. For example, if you are using Viewport 2. This problem has now been fixed. When you delete a display layer, the drawing override is also deleted and disabled.

When selected, hidden objects appear as grey instead of white, which is used for visible objects. Maya Limitations. Bug Number Description API The following changes may require users to modify their existing scripts or plug-ins in order to preserve their functionality. This will lead to one link error. Workaround : Upgrade the generated project to use Visual Studio However, it has been possible to introduce invalid node and attribute names in various ways, which then get saved out to the binary scene file.

In Maya , if you try to load a scene containing illegal node names, the nodes will still be loaded, but a warning dialog will appear. This dialog can be disabled using the disableIncorrectNameWarning command.

You can list the nodes in a scene which have illegal names using the new listNodesWithIncorrectName command. Illegal attribute names are still accepted for the moment, but Maya is currently replacing its own illegal names with legal ones. However, you are still advised to update any scripts and plug-ins you have to use the new names.

Namespace and Object Name Validation Namespaces and object names are now validated when a command’s arguments are parsed, and not when it is executed.

This means that some commands which were silently failing before due to invalid names will now cause your script to halt. Transitive Header Includes Some of the header files included by other API header files have been replaced with forward declarations. For example, MArrayDataBuilder. If you have code which has been relying on these transitive header inclusions, then you will have to modify your code directly to include the headers it needs.

Viewport 2. The kDefaultFontSize and kSmallFontSize symbols from the FontSize enum still exist and retain their meanings, but they now contain the pixel sizes of their corresponding fonts and reside in an unnamed enum. So if you were passing one of these to setFontSize , then that code does not have to be changed. However, if your code refers to the FontSize enum itself for example, to declare a variable or parameter then it must be changed to unsigned int instead. Other The adsk::Data::Accessor::performRead pure virtual method now takes wantedStructures and wantedAssociations params.

Previously, derived classes simply read all the structures and associations in the file. Now they must limit themselves to only those specified by the two new parameters. With the switch to the Since these were non-functional stubs, there is no loss of functionality. MAYA The default value of 0. Workaround : To generate voxels, either lower the Master Voxel Size or increase the size of the sphere. MAYA Bifrost scene is getting evaluated over and over during batch render when runup is enabled.

Workaround: Disable Runup. The default thickness for an emitter is 0. This is good for a solid but for a shell it produces no results. Must be set to at least 1.

For colliders, the default thickness is set to 1. This is fine for solids, but for shells, even at high resolutions this results in penetrating liquids. Fluid will react with a surface tension type behavior even when stickiness is set to zero.

Workaround: Make sure Interior Particle Density has a value of 1. Values below 1 will not emit particles. Certain non manifold geometry containing intersecting surfaces will fail to emit bifrost particles. Workaround: Rebuild the offending geometry. In some cases, you can clean up the mesh by relaxing the geometry such that there are no intersecting vertices.

Bug Number. Animation Character. Skinning : Fixed a problem where Undo after Painting Weights may sometimes provide unexpected results. Skinning : Fixed a crash when running cleanUpScene.

Performance : Fixed a lag when redrawing manipulated curves in Graph Editor. Skinning : Fixed a problem where painting smooth skin weights can cause vertices to pop. Joint : Fixed a problem with removeJoint command. Skinning : Fixed a problem with skinCluster command. Skinning : Fixed a problem where you can’t bind skin when shape is hidden. Blendshape : Fixed a problem where evaluation on all geometry is triggered, even though they are not deformed.

Skinning : Fixed a bind error with Heat Map option and a small scale. Blendshape : Fixed a problem where only the first blendShape is working. Paint Blend Shape Weights Tool : Fixed a problem where the second target shape on a base object is disconnected. Blendshape : Fixed a problem where weight value of connected blendShape node is not updated. Performance: Fixed a problem with blendShape weight values not propagated correctly when created via API. Animation General.

Constraints : Fixed a problem with parent constraint not respecting inverse scale connection between joints. Graph Editor : Fixed a problem with animCurve look changing at a certain zoom factor. Fixed a problem when using the outer ring of the rotate manipulator. Constraints : Fixed a problem with Parent Constraint not maintaining offset correctly. Fixed a problem with cyclic evaluations when transforms were evaluated. Fixed a crash when using an empty mesh as a deformer such as a lattice.

Fixed a problem where autokey sets keys to 0 for attributes of type time. Fixed Playblast command documentation where it indicated that offscreen is only supported on Linux.

Playblast : Ensure custom applications can be used to visualize image sequences. Fixed a timing error when looping animation in the timeline. AnimLayers : Fixed a problem where muting an animation layer can cause it to disappear when reloading the scene. ATOM : Fixed an issue where atom import would fail if constraints and namespaces were involved. Constraints : Fixed an issue where constraints are not updated when inheritsTransform state is modified.

Fixed a selection issue with objects that have shader overrides. Playblast : Fixed a problem where QuickTime movies output on Windows are a frame short.

Fixed a crash when undoing the creation of an orient constraint on a joint. Playblast : Fixed a crash in Fcheck when playblasting animation with sound. Fixed a performance issue where the Graph Editor is slow when displaying many animation curves on Windows.

Playblast : Fixed a playblast crash in batch mode. Graph Editor : Fixed a performance issue when selecting a massive amount of keys in the Graph Editor.


Autodesk maya 2015 help free. Autodesk Maya 2015 Basics Guide

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