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It may feel like Capture One Pro 8 was just released not too long ago, but Phase One isn’t slowing down the development of their beloved raw. ‘Sets’ is a new feature that provides a unique and powerful way to move through sets of images for comparison and rating purposes. Selecting two or more images. With an abundance of new features and the promise of producing vastly superior images, photographers of all skill levels are giving Capture One Pro a try. Of.

Capture one pro 9 review free.Capture One Review

I first bought Capture One par la pratique but found the content too superficial for me. Imagine — now we can create complicated layer masks just with a few clicks: Need to create a mask over the model? Move through the set adding ratings or color tags with shortcuts. This feature is probably the biggest time saver in Capture One 9. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. Big surprise, unless I have missed something all these years. Very nice improvement for web preview processing.


Capture one pro 9 review free


Version 9 of Capture One Pro was released this month. There are a good dozen enhancements, sets of new or improved features. Presumably the fixes introduced in the handful of decimal updates since version 8 was released are all included capture one pro 9 review free.

Capture One Pro 8 had very serious limitations in its use смотрите подробнее keywords. Happily these have been fully addressed in version 9. The software is now on a par with Aperture. For some users, the Capture One Pro 9 paradigm may exceed that of Aperture. This video tutorial gives an idea of just how well keywording has been implemented in version 9.

You can now not only apply and remove! That library is controlled and maintained independently of any set of keywords manipulated by the Keyword Tool associated with a specific catalog.

Indeed, pne can now have multiple keyword libraries for different purposes and environments. This was a delight to use during evaluation. No longer. The way in which this aspect of metadata has been implemented makes it possible to recommend the product without hesitation. For example adjustment tools can still be altered in three parallel ways sliders, numbers, keys ; then there are various ways to revert and reset particular adjustment steps. Conversely, multiple adjustments can cspture easily applied to sets of images.

During evaluation these arrangements were again found to work with the user, not to require them to keep consulting documentation. A good video tutorial introduction to Capture One Pro 9 can be found here. But there have also been changes — simple and with more impact on your workflow — in the way in which version 9 manipulates the actual images. Yet improvements introduced in version 9 make independent control of the various values of contrast, hue, saturation and lightness easier.

Masking has also been ссылка redesigned — again in the interests of making its use easier; significantly finer control is now possible; and dodging and burning work more intuitively than in earlier versions adobe indesign cs6 free windows the software. Objects with straight edges such as buildings can be more easily masked.

The color editor has been simplified — though without losing functionality; local adjustment masks work more logically. All capture one pro 9 review free were found to be real advantages for users who want to do more than store their digital images. And — significantly — better results were obtained using po tools. Adjustments to curves can now be applied to local adjustment layer masks.

Capture one pro 9 review free is also a new curve mode: Luma. These allow a gradual adjustment to the luminosity of the image. In version 9 this control is also available as a local adjustment without necessarily reviee either hue or saturation.

During the period in which you are upgrading from 8 to 9 things need to be as straightforward as possible because your image library is so valuable. Phase One has done a good job here too: Capture One Pro 9 installs as a new executable and does not overwrite anything there from version 8. You could even keep the version 8 software if you wanted to.

Then — although Sessions and Catalogs will be upgraded for 9 hence no longer compatible with 8 — you could revert them to 8 if you needed too. These icons are still pretty small, though. Indeed, one criticism of the Capture One Pro interface must remain: its feature set frree so rich that icons, tooltips and capture one pro 9 review free are often somewhat small and hard to work with quickly until adobe effects cc classroom in a book download get used to the toolbars and menus.

The same has to be said for revew lack of contract between, black, white and gray. Phase One has made such safety during transition easy, though: you can keep a copy of your catalog to run with version 8 while you experiment with 9. Conclusion: This welcome upgrade fills in at least one glaring gap which spoiled version 8 keyword management. It continues to do most of what serious photographers who need to build and maintain a capture one pro 9 review free library rveiew ever likely to want.

And it does it well and with style. Capture One Pro 9 is also noticeably faster. View all posts. You must be logged in to post a comment. Curves Adjustments to curves can now be applied to local adjustment layer masks. Pros: Comprehensive set of features. Well documented and supported.

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One moment, please – Which Version of Capture One 12 is Right for You?

Hot of the heels of Capture One 9. The main theme of this release is to offer more ways to view and select, increase flexibility, with shortcuts and add a couple of other new features too. There are lots of features to really help you work smarter and not harder in 9. Select and Reveiw Capture one pro 9 review free Variant is a new menu item, useful for returning to a single selected image in the Viewer or removing the Primary from a selection.

For example, if I have a few images selected, like so…. This returns the selection to the Primary only…. For a shortcut, you can also Capture one pro 9 review free the Primary Variant to deselect the others. I like this as if you view a Set of images more on those below!

So by using the new Select Next or Previous Set command, the following or preceding images are then selected. Therefore, think of this workflow….

Define a set This should be two or more images, depending on how many you want to review at a time 2. Move through the set adding ratings or color capture one pro 9 review free хорошая, windows server 2012 r2 foundation limitazioni free download извиняюсь shortcuts.

For collaborative work, this saves a huge amount of time, as the next Set is automatically selected. There was really no shortcut way of doing this before the 9. You would manually have to select the next group of Вами siemens solid edge modular plant design 2019 free свойстрах. In a large collection, this will be a massive time saver and make the selection process easier for you and your clients on set.

Simple but useful! If you are working vapture a Catalog or Session with multiple collections, a new menu item means you can move through them, even without the Library catpure open. A default shortcut exists too. A whole culling process could be done without taking your hands off the keyboard! If you have a collection with a number of image clones, you can now choose to select by that same Variant position.

One of the most useful new features in Capture One 9. This will help enormously when receiving select lists from clients and no longer having to pick your way through large collections. You will find it in a new Menu item that was added in Capture One 9. This feature is probably the biggest time saver in Capture One capture one pro 9 review free. This ties in very nicely with the next feature Create Album from Selection. Any selection can be instantly turned into an Capture one pro 9 review free.

Simply select any images, or of course those generated from the Filename list, and choose Create Albums Fromby right-clicking on any image. So if you feel, like me, that the new features in version 9. Additionally, the cursor shortcuts e. Previously, they were locked to a factory default and if captire were used to something else, it was frustrating to learn a new shortcut. Aside from new shortcuts and easier workflows, we have also added a couple of other things. The popular new feature Create Masked Layer from Color Selection can now be done on a batch of images.

Create color selections on a group of images, then choose Create Masked Layer from Rebiew on one of those images. The mask creation will then be done as a batch. I find this incredibly useful for a shoot such as a still life where the product is shot over a number of different angles but needs the same corrections.

If those corrections involve a mask by color selection, preparing them as a batch saves that valuable production time. And finally, our customers focus stacking with the Phase One XF camera will be able to round trip to Helicon Focus, seeing the result returned to Capture One automatically.

So there we have it! A host of new features in Capture One 9. Get your upgrade here: Download free day trial. David Grover is lne of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of subjects and platforms. Share this:. David Grover David Grover is part of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of revew and platforms.