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It misses out on a good ссылка zoom, but that’s the only real drawback to an otherwise great package – one that combines a refined design that keeps fingerprints at bay with class-leading fast-charging, a zingy screen, and stacks of fdee. Editor’s note [April 1, ]: we originally published the Xiaomi 12 Pro review windows server 2016 vs standard free download a rating of 4. We were provided with the RRP for the handset in US dollars, which we used to base our judgement on where the device sits in the market and the competition it’s up against.

However, after publishing we received confirmed pricing for the UK which was more expensive than expected, so we have adjusted our rating to 4 stars to reflect its position in the market. The Xiaomi 12 Reviiew is the company’s newest top-end phone, coming in April alongside a standard Xiaomi Xiaomi achieved capture one pro sony 12 review free in For starters, it played musical chairs with Apple for the number two and three spots in the global sny shipments league, most recently ranking third in Q4 according to Counterpoint ome in new tab.

It also tread new turf captire its tech pri launching the first commercially available smartphone that charges at W, the Xiaomi 11T Proand a phone with an almost 1-inch camera sensor, the Mi 11 Ultra. Eony there was Xiaomi’s budget offering under its Redmi and Poco brands. The Redmi Note 10 Pro was a value champion given its impressive camera rsview and screen, and the Poco F3 packed class-leading performance despite a budget price. Nevertheless, the main 50MP camera is excellent, and the system actually works great as a whole, with smart ffee to help it get reliably good results, and consistent color balance.

Powering up in just 18 minutes, the W charging is the fastest on xony phone around right now. That the Xiaomi 12 Pro also has 50W wireless charging is just a sweetener to a very rounded smartphone spec mix. So while Xiaomi hasn’t made the best camera phone ofor the fdee, by ticking every box most people likely care about and packaging great features up in a sleek, premium body, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is one of the best Android phonesand certainly one of the best Xiaomi phones.

It was revieww, with confident but refined color options; most importantly, the phone looked good. Available in Blue, Gray, and Purple, none are eye-popping or bright, with each color being slightly muted. Whichever color you go for, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is a curved glass and metal phone. Weighing g, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is the same weight as an iPhone 13 Pro, and significantly lighter than the g Pro Max. It was likely, a cost-saving decision; still, the SIM tray features a rubber seal customarily found on IPrated phones.

Ports and buttons are in predictable locations, and speaker grilles bookend the screen at the geview and bottom: power and volume buttons are on the right, and a dual-SIM slot is at the base. Xiaomi has dialed back the screen sizes for its entire 12 series. Smaller still, the Xiaomi 12 screen captuure just 6.

Xiaomi claims the variable refresh rate ranges from Hz, which should result in power saving benefits over phones like eony Galaxy Ca;ture Plus, whose screen drops down to 48Hz at the lower end. Indeed, swiping through the UI and scrolling through Twitter are smooth endeavors that match up to the best of the rest in side-by-side comparisons.

Colors are displayed accurately, and the phone has a range of display modes, with more granular control over color and white balance than most competitors. This explains why photos taken on the Xiaomi 12 Pro pack pleasing depth, which, matched with excellent autofocus helps subjects pop.

In terms of clarity, the main camera produces slightly sharper photos than a top-tier iPhone, while still capturing accurate colors that tend to extend to the captkre and ultra-wide camera well.

Capture one pro sony 12 review free all the cameras are 50MP in resolution, only the main camera benefits from such a large sensor, so the telephoto and ultra-wide capture one pro sony 12 review free, which feature Samsung Isocell JN1 sensors, fall behind on quality.

Video capture on the Xiaomi 12 Pro is excellent in bright environments, with image stabilization working well even in 8K resolution, capture one pro sony 12 review free 4K at 60 frames per second.

Switching between the ultra-wide and main camera is smooth mid-record, though video capture appears to bypass the telephoto capture one pro sony 12 review free подробнее на этой странице you start the recording zoomed-in. With top-tier power, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is a capable gaming phone, and also tears through day-to-day tasks without getting too hot.

Benchmarks match up to other Snapdragon capture one pro sony 12 review free Gen 1 phones, with the 12 Pro scoring on average, fdee in GeekBench 5. Matched with quad speakers sporting Harman Kardon tuning ond support for Dolby Atmos, the phone also sounds expansive and loud, though falls behind the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max when it comes to rounded audio reciew depth in the bass notes. Niggles experienced in the past — dark mode preventing interactive notifications from appearing clearly, the Control Center firing up glitches, and poor localization, amongst others, were all taken care of in the latest update.

MIUI still feels a bit bloated, capture one pro sony 12 review free AliExpress capturd a host of Xiaomi apps pre-installed, but the fact it at least looks consistent and runs glitch-free is a huge step in the right direction. There are a host of power settings noe help eke out a bit more longevity out of a single charge, or indeed, drain the phone quicker. Performance mode enhances gaming oomph while using more power, while Battery Saver shuts off background processes, and Ultra Battery Saver disables all but the most basic features of the phone.

This is the fastest charging of any widely available smartphone soby the West, alongside the Xiaomi 11T Pro. This means it can wirelessly charge at around double the rate an iPhone 13 Pro charges with a wire — very impressive.

With an equivalent two-times zoom, it pales in comparison to the times zoom capture one pro sony 12 review free the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and even the four-times zoom of the Google Pixel 6 Pro, or three-times zoom iPhone 13 Pro. If you fancy a stock experience, opt for a Pixel.

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Read on a Nikon forum that a distributor was tired of Nikon not providing D’s and customer requests that they put a arrival date of January Now since deleted.

For english readers and others , you can also check my own amateur review through the link above as there is a translate button and I try my best to have the cleanest writing for best auto-translation and I think it’s quite OK for english at least. My test focus deeply on the handling, reactvity and personnalization of the camera and provide a direct comparison with the A7R II.

It will be interesting to see what Sony does in terms of firmware upgrades. I’d like to see Sony add I don’t think this camera has any of these. Looking at the camera body, it looks like they could add to the top left of the camera like Olympus. I do love my OMD EM1, but with this camera, Nikon and Canon probably coming out with competitively priced full-frame mirrorless in the future I wonder where that will leave Olympus.

Outdoor Photography really pushes Olympus imho. As for Canon and Nikon, I, for the life of me cannot figure out how they will release a full frame mirrorless camera for the same price and specs as the A7iii.

They might prove me wrong though. I always thought Nikon was over priced. Who says a Canon will be the same price. NEVER said that. What I said and have been saying is, “if Nikon and Canon don’t come out with a mirrorless full frame camera equal to or exceeding that of the A7iii they will be in trouble”.

And that comment also stands for price. The A7iii had to throw both Canon and Nikon for a loop in every respect. A set of expensive heavy and not top-notch lenses. There’s people here who buy expensive bodies and put cheap rubbish lenses on them.

Olympus MFT has the best lenses there are for the system. Canikon and Sony are just starting in that business. IBIS on this Sony thing is laughable. I have a question regarding this camera, perhaps someone can help me out. When I want to select the “Record Settings” for movies, it seems that I do not have all options I expect. But shouldn’t there also be “30p”-option? If I look in the manual, and also reviews in the web, it tells me that.

It’s not here in my menu. Here I miss the “p”-option. One idea I had regarding this is that perhaps my SD-card is not compatible fast enough? I couldn’t find in the manual anything about such a requirement. Not the fastest card possible. I use it in slot 1. Maybe there is a way to use NTSC settings in the configuration screens.

Check the maximum clip recording time too, as it might be unlimited on some models and limited to 29m59s on PAL models. That memory card is not uhs Upgrade your memory card and all the faster higher quality settings will enable themselves.

Depending on which mode you are on, you are offered different framerates. I checked different cards and it made no difference. As soon as the right video-mode is selected, it works – also with slow cards. The “likes” above are misleading. I appreciate the new format of your reviews, with staff comments at the end, and combined with the excellent review video segment. Just like the Sony a7iii set a new standard for others to shoot for, so did you. Thank you for the feedback.

It’s going to continue to be a work in progress over the next several months in particular with upcoming lens reviews , so if you have any specific points of praise or any grumbles about the format, please feel free to send me a PM with details. Question regarding mirrorless cameras. I have read on a couple of Nikon websites of people constantly having to Fine Tune their lenses to get sharpness exact or as near as possible to being sharp.

Not sure if it is possible to fix a poorly assembled lens via “fine-tuning”. It’s not so much lens design or build, but AF accuracy like you said ecka Tamron and Sigma have lens docks to fine tune their lenses. I just read about it on other forums. And Live View? On Nikon cameras? OMG does it suck!!!! Nap time while it takes the picture!! No fine tune necessary! The biggest reason I switched to mirrorless. Couldn’t stand the continuing AF accuracy issues with my D, D and D, but there was no mirrorless alternative to match my needs until the A came about.

Smooth sailing after, even with adapted DSLR lenses! Well yeah, any camera can focus on things that don’t move. Which is why I use LiveView. Second, I really don’t need a mirrorless camera for moving subjects. But the new OSPD AFs are definitely easier to work with, despite that they are less responsive and consume batteries like there’s no tomorrow. I like both, but for different reasons. I have my D set to AF-A and 9 point focus.

It’s frustrating to say the least. Steven: Yes! Right you are – and reading comments I bet most dont even read the articles before they comment too. Lens experience and suggestions: The A7III and the A7r series are capable of incredibly great detail, if you use good enough lenses. I am using most, the F4 Sony Zeiss My copy was poor, but I sent it back to Sony free and they made it excellent.

I have the Sony F2. I also have the F4 Smaller than the F2. Next, must have at least one lens you can use in low light. Very small. I use it for indoor at night casual shooting. These three lenses give you a full range very high quality kit, for not too much money. The 90 mm F2. I also love the F1. The stories I hear of people returning their lenses multiple times to get a good copy is worrying.

I just wish the QC was higher. The mm was pretty bad at mm. Maybe I should have kept trying until I got “good copies”, but I didn’t want to waste all the time and effort for something that may never happen. I am very happy for anyone who does get a good copy, but at the same time I am skeptical from my experience. Some day I may get a metabones adapter for it. The Photo store where I do business has reported to me that in their experience, the problem of uneven copies of lenses was much greater a couple of years ago, and has in their experience been remedied.

My way of thinking is that the possibility of a poor copy is always there, no matter whose lenses. It’s a real, if annoying, part of getting your kit to be as you want it to be. But if you don’t stick with it til you get it right, unfortunately, it is you who are the loser. Well, a Google search shows the truth. It showed OSV is a “known troll” in every forum.

When looking at posts where lenses are tested, I am surprised how many bad tests there are, so some might actually return good lenses. If all the bad copies of lenses were not enough, now there are bad copies of the A7iii. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We want you to know that we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Please be advised that Sony is aware of this issue, and this has been forwarded to our engineering team in Japan already. Anyone who calls osv a troll is obviously a troll, but you put a cherry on the top by posting links and writing this: “If all the bad copies of lenses were not enough, now there are bad copies of the A7iii. It was Sony that said there are bad copies of the A7iii.

So you are accusing Sony of trolling Sony. Sony says there is a problem, you can’t deny that. EDIT: Geez! You both respond to comments made to the other and use the same tone. I’ve reported your post. I doubt it will do any good – I mean – the mastering light account is still active. I’ve been a member of this site for more than a decade and have posted literally hundreds of thousands of words.

Good luck trying to smear me with your crap. I hit a nerve. Google busted you. Google is great for digging up the truth and a quick search showed you and OSV are either same or work together.

There are dozens and dozens of posts where you respond for each other, and also where both of you pounce on the same person or make the same argument. No denying that. Google is your friend, and Google reveals the truth. With those Google search results, it as fair and accurate to say one of you is the other’s “puppet” or at least you work in tandem.

If you want sharp- add in the Voigtlander 65mm f2. It’s evil sharp. I’d add the loxia 21 and 85 to that list as well. I had to keep putting band aids on my fingers when I first shot with the 65mm it was so sharp. Now I just wear gloves. F4 Sony Zeiss ? So you’re wasting the no-noise FF sensor with a dark lens that requires you to set ISO to levels that will be noisy.

F4 is laughably slow. Bad glass. Many of his so called flaws are rubbish. The menu system is a bit complicated but has so many features packed in its heavily customisable. In two days time I am very comfortable using and finding what I need without problems. The function buttons are very useful and he actually tries to make it a flaw. I used a couple of playmemories apps and some were very useful and lots of my friends used them.

Expecting an unbiased article from such a person is like Hillary Clinton writing an unbiased critique of trumps presidency. Maybe you are naive in thinking the article is fair but to those of us who actually use the cameras most of his points are bs and its a poor attempt at taking a pot shot at a company that cost him money. The only thing I really agree with are the sub par service of Sony which I agree with and the sub par weather sealing.

The rest are non issues for most people who use the camera. It’s like everything else, it’s not absolute. The interface is usable but not as good as with some other cameras. It might be relative but you need to keep your comparisons within a product. Sure there are specialized sensors with more dynamic range but why should we care if they aren’t available in an ILC?

I’ll wager there are some satellite sensors that are even better. Should we compare the latest ILCs to them? I see you removed your comments about the sensor. If you have spent your savings into this camera, it’s doesn’t sound nice for you if we tell you that some aspects of the camera are not as good as others. All customers are like you, after they are invested into something, they can’t stand to acknowledge. A lot of people are exactly like you, that’s normal.

When a Sony A7 series camera is set up properly, you hardly have to visit the menues again. Real world use is a breeze, no matter hot summer days or freezing cold winter days or nights, when wearing gloves. No matter small or large lenses. Such nay-sayers claim to be the best photographers around, but they will never show you anything from their work.

Do I have implicit bias like every other human? Certainly, but I try to remain objective and rational. I’m certainly no apologist for Sony or any other brand. Each person has important and less important features that they want.

That’s why I take the opinion of someone who uses multiple systems brendon with more weight than someone who doesn’t most trolls. I will say that I find the custom buttons, my menu and user defined function menu to make the actual menus moot – once setup I don’t need to go to the menus. Judging from the complaints I’ve seen on the Sony forum, from users, a pattern of questionable QC is developing for this particular body.

And there are numerous I’d much rather buy the A7R lll or A9, not the A7 lll. Too many QC complaints. Unlike these two other bodies, the A7 lll is made in China which may be a contributing factor. You invested in Sony. Now you can’t stand when someone points out deficiencies. Don’t worry, that’s normal, anyone who is invested into a lens mount like to be reassured that he made the right decision, and hate to be proven wrong. That’s basic buyer’s psychology that every marketer knows very well.

On the other hand, it is commonly acknowledged that Sony mirrorless cameras have good sensors, small size, as well as poor ergonomics, poor menu system and flimsy construction quality. Lol just owning something doesn’t mean squat! My friend bought a 6D Mk II some time back and he hated it and would never recommend it to anyone who asked him. The main people having a problem are armchair trolls like you who have never ever used the camera for any real period of time :P.

I have had 3 Sony A7 series cameras and I can tell you ergonomics were great, menu system wasn’t the best of course but once I fully customized the camera it was never a problem and construction while not the best is still very good. My 5d mk II has all the rubber parts fallen off after 95k shutters but that is considered a rugged body. I have used other brands, and even had to jump ship because of repeated malfunctions and breakdowns with a brand that is judged as top professional.

When you earn your money from photography, malfunction and repairs are much more expensive than just paying for repairs and replacements. I am pragmatic when it comes to camera gear: There is no perfect camera or camera system. You can whine, you can bash a brand like you do, over and over again , you can praise your brand like you do , or you can hope for the best – nothing will change the fact that the camera is exactly as it is!

If it does the job, well, fine! No need to go elsewhere. Ken Rockwell’s review stated, that once the Sony A7iii is set up properly you don’t need to access the menus anymore unless you need to tweak something. It’s basically a yes expensive “point and shoot” camera once set up to ones liking.

But I guess that can be said of any camera. I for now shoot a D I had to buy a secondary book on the to help get it setup properly. Nikons “manual” or whatever that worthless book was they include with the camera was a waste of money and a waste of time on my part.

And yet I still go into the menus to change things. Great review. One of the reasons why I bought this camera. Was on the fence last year to go Nikon FX with the D Glad I didn’t.

The 3rd recall on the was issued right around the same time I was looking at upgrading. Would the camera I bought had any issues? No idea, and I didn’t want to take that chance. Sony A7iii is in the works. And read or watch any review and I have yet to see a negative review on the A7iii.

As you know I prefer my Sony cameras. But I also have a Nikon D, and despite being one of the cameras recalled, mine has never had any of the problems for which the recalls were issued. Nikon goes overboard on the recalls now, due to the bad publicity they had from the relatively wide spread black spot issue on the D Then, the trolls excoriated Nikon. Now the trolls complain because they recall.

Go figure. At the time, I had a D I was looking to upgrade my body. I was interested in the D and the I was heading to a local camera store, well, 2 hours away, to get my hands on a since the wasn’t out yet and compare the size of both cameras and figure out my options. I called Nikon USA and asked a rep when they were releasing the They had no idea.

The local camera store had no ‘s in stock and they also didn’t know about the The week prior to all this I was looking at the And that’s when the 3rd recall came in.

I just wish camera companies were not so secretive!! Now Nikon is doing the same with their mirrorless option. AZheaven, why waiting?

I highly doubt it. Sony now has glass while Nikon doesn’t. Some rumors say Nikon’s mirrorless is postponed to After D this camera is something from the future. And the most important is that I enjoy it immensely. I couldn’t say that about my Nikon which was a nightmare with its front- and back-focusing issues. Oh, and I am among the few who has no problems with Sony’s menus. It is like an Android smartphone – you take some time to customize it and then just enjoy the experience. I’m only waiting until the holidays to see if there is a sale of some sorts.

I’m not waiting for Nikon!! I’m making the switch. LOL I don’t have much confidence in what Nikon is going to offer. And I think Canon will be beating them to the punch anyway since rumor has it that they are currently field testing a full frame mirrorless camera. Don’t hear that at all in the Nikon forums.

The people complaining about the menu system, even in the Sony? I’m guessing they never heard of or used or tried to set up a VCR!! Are the new features worth the cost of upgrading? In this week’s episode of DPRTV, Chris and Jordan get to the bottom of what makes the two cameras different, and which might be right for you. Sony’s latest a7-series model is the most capable yet, but also the most expensive.

Take a trip in the wayback machine and watch our review of the Sony a7 III. Yet, they’re two of the most popular enthusiast models available today. Watch Chris and Jordan duke it out over which one is best. Planning to treat yourself to a new full-frame camera this holiday season? Sigma’s been on a roll with their mirrorless Art series lenses.

Does the new 24mm F1. It brings a new, 25MP sensor and bit 4K capture at up to p. We’ve put it to the test, both in the studio and out in the field. In our tests it delivers big performance and offers a few good reasons why you might choose a 12th-Gen Intel laptop over a Mac.

Canon’s high end APS-C mirrorless camera has plenty of compelling features, but is it worth the price? Jordan took it on vacation to find out. But is it enough to outclass the competition? We dive deep to find out where it excels and what it’s like to fly. These capable cameras should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality.

What’s the best camera for shooting landscapes? High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best.

If you’re looking for the perfect drone for yourself, or to gift someone special, we’ve gone through all of the options and selected our favorites. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform. In this guide we’ve chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media. Midwest Photo was burgled late last week after a stolen truck broke through the store’s front entrance.

The store is in the progress of recovering from the damage and stolen goods. Photographers should be on the lookout for any suspicious product listings online. Travel with Peter to see how he shoots, and view some of the spectacular photos he captures along the way. Includes sample gallery. We go hands-on with Sigma’s latest ‘Digital Native’ wide-angle lenses for L-mount and Sony E-mount cameras to see what features they have and what sets them apart from the rather limited competition.

Sony has announced in-camera forgery-proof photo technology for its a7 IV mirrorless camera. The technology, aimed at corporate users, cryptographically signs images in-camera to detect future pixel modification and tampering. It uses tracks, cords and hooks to store your gear flat against the wall without hiding it from view. The new Sigma 24mm F1. Check out our sample gallery to see how sharp it is, as well as how it handles flare, chromatic aberrations and sunstars.

Sigma’s new 20mm F1. Chris and Jordan run through their absolute favorite lenses for Sony E-Mount, including both Sony lenses and third party options. Nikon has released the financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year, revealing increased year-over-year revenue and profits. Alfie Cameras is launching its Alfie TYCH next month on Kickstarter, but before then it needs beta testers to see how its triple lens half-frame camera performs.

NASA is preparing for a simulated Mars mission that will house four crew members in a module on Earth. The crew will remotely control drones and rovers to collect rock samples on a simulated Mars. Skypersonic, a remote control drone company, is supplying mission-critical technology as part of the mission. The explosion created one of the most energetic short-duration gamma-ray bursts ever observed.

The Tamron Lens Utility Mobile app is set to launch later this year. The app will let you use your compatible Android device to control, customize and update compatible Tamron lenses without the need for a computer. The images, which appear to be screenshots from a press briefing, reveal some of the details of the forthcoming lens.

The Peter McKinnon camera tool features a patent-pending design that features integrated Phillips and flathead drivers, as well as extendable arms capable of holding four other bits that can be swapped out to fit your needs. Nikon has updated the firmware for its Nikkor Z 50mm F1. Is this good or bad for the industry, and what are the long-term implications?

It’s a far cry from the conventional lenses you’re used to seeing, but it’s sure to give you a look, unlike any optic you can purchase online.

The PGM0. Sigma is set to release new ‘products’ next week, on August 8, What do you think Sigma has in store?

Check out some summer vacation photos from beautiful British Columbia to see for yourself. Hardware data recovery is complex, requiring sophisticated, expensive equipment. A data recovery expert in Poland, Enter Serwis, has shown off how they use a Spider Board to recover data from a non-functioning memory card.

Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. Previous 1 Introduction. Tags: review , instagram-feature , sony. Next page. Sony a7 III. Discuss in the forums See full product details Watch the video review View sample images. We are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see the prices. View Comments Comments All Please make Sony fix it! Passereau Gold reward for a camera with a shutter that breaks between 20k and 50k pictures?

Its a joke! Vit Adamek 😀 Perhaps it did not break during review?? Passereau Yes probably, but DPR say they perdiodically readjust final value from time to time. Vit Adamek This is the first time I came across this claim. Vit Adamek But bit of google and I see what you mean.

Passereau I was really disappointed the way this problem is managed. Passereau Really? Anyway i really dislike the colors. Seizon Advertisement? It’s just a camera test.

And I like the colors, by the way. But maybe that will be for the a7 IV. Read more reviews. Passereau Banding issues where on all cameras but seems to be filtered now, at least on Z6 and Z7 now it is for sure.

Merlin82 i’ve noticed on my sony a7 iii some artefacts specially during long exposure,some points are blue or red , i read is called hot pixel,someone have same problem with this camera? BMarley Thinking of shifting to Sony from Canon for some time now, would sony be coning up with an upgrade for the a7III anytime soon? MILC man I’ve put literally dozens of lenses on the a9, and I’ve never had a problem with anything that you posted there.

WonderfulPY Please help me decide! Good Light! JWeissman How about better weather sealing? Is it better than A7II?

SunnySailor Well done and very nice footage Joed Sony has just released a firmware update v2. Patrick Kristiansen Can anyone please tell me if the A7 iii has those occasional, annoying error messages occupying the entire viewfinder my A7 ii has? Eg if the camera is set to AF-S of AF-C and you press the magnify button, an irritating message completely obscures the view, stating: “This operation or setting not available as follows: Focus mode, Single shot AF” It is not even allowed in “DMF” where the camera magnifies whenever you turn the focus ring Thematic This a joke?

Jacques Cornell Regarding the listed weakness that “Flashes still don’t have red AF assist grid”, isn’t this true of ALL mirrorless cameras, and isn’t there a basic technical explanation for this? DJohnny I know this reply is late, but this can be achieved using the Godox x1s transmitter. Jacques Cornell Djohnny – Thanks for the info. The x1 will likely not fire the assist beam on the Panasonic bodies. MikeFairbanks I’ve had the camera for a month. I came from a Canon 6D. The one thing I like better about Canon is the bokeh.

It seemed more natural to me. MikeFairbanks Hautedawg: Funny you mention that. I did set the ceiling. Good advice. Jacques Cornell Good to know.

Are you kidding me? Jody Bruchon My understanding is that it is available I have experience from both caribien and Thailand. Need the gear to dry up in between. DavidBrother Olympus e-m1 series are really good in all climates. Sirandar Out of curiosity since this device can charge with USB C, does it have quick charging like some of the better cell phones have Thematic Yes and no Steen K Does anyone know if using the smart remote still disables picture profiles for video?

MikeFairbanks I ordered mine yesterday. I’ve been using Canon for ten years now, including dozens of professional jobs. Sorry Canon. It’s been great, but it’s time to move on. AZheaven I just delivered to a guy last week who sold all his Nikon gear, D, D and all Nikon glass and accessories and moved to all Sony.

BazzzH Now just wait until he sees what kind of glass he’s gotten himself into. MikeFairbanks I’ve had the Sony for almost a year now. AZheaven BazzzH MikeFairbanks All of the big names make excellent bodies and glass. But at the end of the day it’s on me. I have to make a good image. MikeFairbanks I think it means how long the camera takes to read the sensor when you are in electronic shutter mode. This is what I understand. I might not be close to what you have in mind, however.

AZheaven Not worried about how many fps the A7iii does. AZheaven armandino, and others can join in AZheaven armandino Thanks that’s amazing! Jody Bruchon I see it still has that nasty shelf-like Sony highlight rolloff.

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