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Hyundai elantra manual. Hyundai Elantra (2023) manual


Hyundai Elantra Hyundai Elantra is a compact car made by Hyundai, the South Korean company since sold all over the world. It has a compact body shape, and comes equipped with Mitsubishi’s powerful Turbotrain engine.

The Elantra was formerly marketed as the Lantra in Australia and some European markets, but Hyundai changed its name to Elantra due dispute with Mitsubishi Motors. It is now in its fifth generator and was pronounced South African Car of the Year Get notified for new manuals?

We’ll send you a quick email when a new Hyundai Elantra manual is added. Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantraagarmanual Hyundai – Elantra – Sales Brochure – – Brochure 14 Pages.

Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantraowner-s-manual Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantrainstruktionsbog Brochure 18 Pages. Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantra-gtmanuel-du-proprietaire Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantrabetriebsanleitung Other Manuals 65 Pages. Other Manuals 1 Pages. Hyundai – Elantra Touring – Sales Brochure – – Brochure 12 Pages. Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantra-gtquick-reference-guide Other Manuals 20 Pages. Hyundai – Elantra Sport – Sales Brochure – – Brochure 11 Pages.

Brochure 17 Pages. Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantramanualul-de-utilizare Other Manuals 24 Pages. Elantra Sedan L Hyundai – Elantra – Sales Brochure – – 2. Brochure 15 Pages. Hyundai – Auto – hyundai-elantra-coupequick-reference-guide Other Manuals 18 Pages. Brochure 9 Pages. Hyundai – Elantra – Sales Brochure – – 3. Set the mode to the desired posi- tion. To improve the effectiveness of heating and cooling : – Heating: – Cooling: 3.

Set the temperature control to the desired position. Additionally, each floor and the windshield with a small outlet can be controlled to direct the amount directed to the side window air discharged from the outlet. Set the mode to the position. Set the air intake control to the the air intake control to the recircu- outside fresh air position.

Page Climate Control Air Filter fresh air position is selected. Front windshield defrost button 3. Air intake control button 4. LCD display 5. AUTO automatic control button 6. OFF button 7. Fan speed control knob 8. Push the TEMP button to set the desired temperature. Never place anything over the sen- OMD sor located on the instrument panel 1. Page Features of your vehicle Bi-Level Air flow is directed towards the face and the floor. Additionally, each Defrost-Level Instrument panel vents outlet can be controlled to direct the air discharged from the outlet.

Page Features of your vehicle Air intake control Adjusting the driver and passenger Recirculated air position side temperature equally The indicator light on the 1. The pas- the recirculated air posi- senger side temperature will be tion is selected.

Do not use the posi- tion during cooling operation in Page Automatic Climate Control System Features of your vehicle To defrost outside windshield Automatic climate control sys- If the air-conditioning, outside fresh air position and higher fan speed are not selected automatically, adjust the To defog inside windshield corresponding button or knob manu- ally.

If the position is selected, lower fan speed is controlled to higher fan speed. Page Defogging Logic Features of your vehicle To defrost outside windshield Manual climate control system Defogging logic if equipped To reduce the probability of fogging up the inside of the windshield, the air intake or air conditioning are con- trolled automatically according to certain conditions such as position. Page Features of your vehicle Automatic climate control system Auto defogging system If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, it resets to the defog only for automatic climate logic status.

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Also, the clean air function turns off automatically, when the ignition switch turns to the OFF position. Such objects can be thrown from the holder in the event of a sudden stop or an accident, possibly injuring the passengers in the vehicle.

The use of plug- into its socket. If the hot liquid spills, you may burn yourself. Such a burn to the driver could lead to loss of control of the vehicle. If good contact is not when the engine is running made, the plug may overheat and remove the accessory or the internal temperature plug after use. In an accident it may cause vehicle damage or personal injury. DO NOT over- stretch the luggage net.

DO NOT use the luggage net when the strap has visible signs of wear or damage. Page How Vehicle Audio Works Features of your vehicle How vehicle audio works This can be due to factors, such as AM MW, LW reception the distance from the radio station, FM reception closeness of other strong radio sta- tions or the presence of buildings, bridges or other large obstructions in the area.

Song playing order : manufacturing companies or mak- sequentially. In such 2. Staring at the can be heard as these signs that may lead to an accident, screen for prolonged periods Do not oper- to the audio system.

Spilling driving could lead to acci- ate the audio system for long beverages may lead to system dents due to a lack of atten This is used to change the order pri- contacts and call histories into the ority of automatic connection for the audio system. If a icon enabled handsfree call will result is not displayed, this indicates that Page Features of your vehicle Steering remote controller 2.

SEEK 4. Supported Bitrates Kbps occur depending on the bitrate. In all cases except when creating 1. English: 94 characters the audio CD, then plays the com- multisession discs, check the pressed file s. Page Features of your vehicle 5. Mode 7. Operation State 8. Repeat Press the button to Repeat repeat the current track. Mode 8. Random Shuffle Displays currently operating mode.

Operation State 9. Each time the button is pressed, the Each time the button is pressed, the feature changes in order of Random feature changes in order of Repeat Each time the button is pressed, the feature changes in order of Random Shuffle All Info Displays currently operating mode Displays detailed information for the current file Basic Mode Screen 2. Press the play the file list screen. PHONE features within your mobile, 3. If lowing precautions: Drinking or taking drugs and you are drinking or taking Page Driving your vehicle Starting the engine Starting the gasoline engine Vehicle with automatic transaxle: Vehicle with manual transaxle: 1.

Make sure the parking brake is applied. Do not race or accelerate the seconds after preheating is complet- cle: engine immediately after starting ed, turn the ignition switch once the engine.

Always carry the smart key with when the smart key is in the vehi- you. Page Driving your vehicle Vehicle with automatic transaxle: Starting the diesel engine Vehicle with automatic transaxle: To start the diesel engine when the 1.

Always carry the smart key with 1. Always carry the smart key with engine is cold, it has to be pre-heat- you. Do not race or accelerate the cle: cle: engine immediately after starting the engine.

The transaxle is fully synchro- tral before moving into R Reverse. Page Driving your vehicle Using the clutch Downshifting CAUTION clutch pedal should Downshift when you must slow down To prevent unnecessary wear or depressed all the way to the floor in heavy traffic or drive up a steep hill damage to the clutch: before: to prevent engine load. This is accelerating or shifting gears.

Press the shift button, then move shift lever. Move shift lever. To reverse or park the of gears for the current driving condi- vehicle, move the shift lever to the tions.

Page 5. Stop pushing the shift-lock release button. Depress the brake pedal, and then restart the engine. OMD 1. Page Disc Brakes Wear Indicator Driving your vehicle Disc brakes wear indicator Rear drum brakes Parking brake if equipped When your brake pads are worn and new pads are required, you will hear Your rear drum brakes do not have a high pitched warning sound from wear indicators. Therefore, have the your front or rear brakes.

Page If the or does not release all the way, we parking brake is released recommend that the system be unintentionally, serious injury checked by an authorized HYUNDAI may occur.

Page ABS. Page may injury or death, we recommend tioning. Have the battery recharged illuminate. Page ESC is system. We recommend that the active. ESC remains off. Upon restarting the Page Less than sounds con- the system be checked by an author- 30 cm 12 in. Buzzer sounds Front continuously Less than 30 cm 15 in. When it immediately. Dirty or improperly aimed headlights will make it much more difficult to see at night. You could be temporarily blinded, and it will take several seconds for your eyes to readjust to the darkness.

If your tires do not have Avoid driving through flooded areas enough tread, making a quick stop unless you are sure the water is no on wet pavement can cause a skid higher than the bottom of the wheel and possibly lead to an accident. Snow tires should be equivalent Some of the items you may want to in size and type to the vehicle’s carry include tire chains, tow straps Page If installing tire chains on the tires tire chains must be used, use gen- will provide a greater driving uine HYUNDAI parts and install the force, but will not prevent side tire chain after reviewing the instruc- skids.

The manufacturer is not most auto parts outlets. Do not use In this case, do not ple, if the trailer is too heavy, before towing. It should never weigh more weight to measure because it affects dealer for further information on This is available at an authorized is not a task for amateurs. Page Driving With A Trailer Driving your vehicle Distance Backing up Driving with a trailer Stay at least twice as far behind the Hold the bottom of the steering Towing a trailer requires a certain vehicle ahead as you would when wheel with one hand.

Then, to move amount of experience. Page Consult authorized change lanes, or stop. Page Driving your vehicle Parking on hills 6. Move the shift lever to P Park, for transaxle overheating: not park your vehicle on a hill.

If the light dims or goes out when you operate the starter, the battery is drained. Page 7. Proceed with caution, keeping alert for further signs of overheat- ing. Page Have the system checked by an pressure.

When the vehicle reinflated to the recommended pres- approved by a HYUNDAI deal- has slowed to such a speed that it is sure and reinstalled on the vehicle, er. If your vehicle is not Follow the instructions in this section when changing a tire to reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

Park on a level, firm surface. Insert the screwdriver into the 7. Loosen the wheel lug nuts counter- 8. Place the jack at the designated groove of the wheel cap and pry clockwise one turn each in the jacking position under the frame gently to remove the wheel cap If order shown above, but do not closest to the tire you are chang Page Jack Label What to do in an emergency Jack label 1.

Model Name 2. When using the jack, stop the engine. Do not get under a vehicle that is supported by a jack. Remove the towing hook and If towing is necessary, we recom- install the cover after use. Do not pull from the side or at a vertical angle. Page Maintenance Maintenance Engine compartment Page Wiper blades Engine oil filler cap 2. Engine oil dipstick 3. Positive battery terminal 5. Negative battery terminal 6. Fuse box 7. Air cleaner 8. Radiator cap 9. Engine coolant reservoir

Hyundai elantra manual.Hyundai Elantra Workshop Manuals and Repair Manuals
This manual applies to all HYUNDAI models and includes descriptions and explanations of optional as well as standard equipment. As a result, you may find. The manuals and warranties section of the MyHyundai site will show owners manual information as well as warranty information for your Hyundai.