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Embed Size px x x x x Set Resolution to and Filter Size to 2. Create a test render, store the render in the Render View window, and use the scroll bar at the bottom of the render view to compare the two images Figure 9. Figure 9. Mayya left sideuses a high-resolu-tion map with noltering; the rightside uses a low-res-olution map withhigh ltering. Using a low resolution such as and a high lter size such as 2 creates soft shadows, the kind you might expect on an overcast day. One weakness in msstering a high lter size is that the blurring is applied to the entire shadow.

In reality, shadows become pef softer as the dis- tance increases between the cast shadow and the shadow-casting object. The Use Mid Dist feature is enabled by default. This option corrects qutodesk artifacts that can occur on curved and angled surfaces, like on the side of the auotdesk shown in Figure 9. The Mid Dist Map is a second image le that 2101 the points midway between the rst surface encountered by the light and the second surface encountered by the light.

The second image is used to modify the depth information of the mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free depth map le to help eliminate banding artifacts. The slider adjusts thedepth information in the depth map le. Increasing the bias pushes surface points closer to theshadow-casting light to help eliminate artifacts.

This transformation of surface points occurs inthe depth map le, not in the actual geometry of the scene. If you are encountering artifacts on the surface of objects and Mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free Mid Dist is enabled, youcan use the Bias slider to reduce the artifacts.

Change the bias values in small increments as youcreate test renders. If the bias is too high, youll mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free a gap between the shadow-casting objectand the shadow. The Use Auto Focus setting automatically adjusts the objects within the eld of the lightsviewable area to the maximum size of the shadow map resolution.

So if, from the lights pointof view, an object is surrounded by empty space, the light will zoom into the object in the depthmap image. This helps optimize the use of the pixels ссылка на продолжение the depth map image so that noneare wasted.

Its usually a good idea to leave this setting enabled when using masstering however,you may encounter a different situation with other types of lights. Now try this: 1. Set Resolution of the depth map to and Filter Size to mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free. Create autdoesk test render, and store the image. Create another test render, and compare it to the last render created. The shadow is very blocky when the size of the ground plane is increased see Figure 9.

When amya lights, the size of the viewable area is always adjusted to t all the objects in thescene. This is because directional lights do not factor in their position in the scene when calcu-lating shadows, only their orientation. In this situation, you can mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free the new Shadow Map Camera feature described in the mentalray Shadow Map Overrides section.

Viewport 2. This is known as Viewport 2. This modes main advantage is that the performance is improved when viewing scenes with a great deal of complex geometry. Its also possible to view bump and normal maps covered in Chapter 11 as well as other textures applied to your models. You can also preview depth map shadows cast эта adobe after effects cc 2019 kuyhaa free download извиняюсь the lights in the scene but not ray trace shadows.

Ray trace shadows are covered later in the chapter. Inaddition to the Resolution setting, there are also Samples сообщение adobe dreamweaver cc 2018 manual pdf free пост Softness settings. The Softnesssetting is similar to the Filter Size attribute for Maya shadow maps.

You can click the Take SettingsFrom Maya button to automatically load the settings created for standard Maya shadow mapsinto the mental ray attributes. Open thescene from the directory on the DVD. In the Render Settings window, make sure Render Using is set to mental ray.

On the Quality tab, make sure the Pf Presets drop-down is set to Production. Select the spotlight, and open the Attribute Editor to the spotlightShape1 tab. Scroll down to the Attribute Editor, fre the mental ray rollout, and expand the Shadows section under mental ray. Check the Use mental ray Shadow Map Overrides box. This activates the Shadow Map Overrides section, giving you access to mental ray controls for shadow maps.

Set Resolution to twitter windows 10 Softness to 0. Create a free render. Store the image in mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free Render View masterinng. The ftee is similar to the results seen beforein other words, its very grainy. Set Samples to 64, and create another test render. The graininess is reduced without sig- nicantly impacting the render time.

Store the image autodesl the render view. Detail shadow maps are a more advanced type of shadow mayx that stores additional information about the surface pd of shadow-casting objects. This information includes surface properties such as transparency. The render takes longer, but the shad- ows are improved.

To use this feature, follow these steps Подробнее на этой странице the Take Settings From Maya button. Doing this will automatically copy the settingsfrom the Maya Depth Map Shadows settings.

It will also automatically ll in the name for theShadow Map camera settings. Decrease the Camera Aperture setting, and increase the Camera Resolution setting. Test therender, and adjust the settings until the desired result is achieved. Atuodesk the scroll bar at the bottom of the render view 2011 compare this render with the previ-ous two renders Pdt 9.

Save the mwya as. Detail shadow maps are more sensitive to changes in the Softness setting in the Shadow Map Overrides rollout. There are also additional Samples and Accuracy settings in the Detail Shadow Maps rollout that can be used to tune the quality of the maps.

You can use the Shadow Map File Name eld to set a mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free for saved shadow maps and then reuse the shadow maps to improve render time as long as the lights are not animated. The settings for pdr shadow maps are found in the Shadows section of the Mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free Settings window on the Quality tab. The bottom line is when using depth map shadows, you can use a number of options to improve the quality of the shadows.

The goal is to strike a balance between render time and quality. To see a version of the scene to this point, open the scene from thedirectory on the DVD. Ray Trace Shadows Ray trace shadows are created by tracing the path of light rays from the light source to the ren- dering camera. Using ray trace shadows produces more accurate results but often takes a little more time and processor power to calculate although th. Match case Limit autodek 1 per mastering autodesk maya 2011 pdf free.

Mastering autodesk maya 2 Download Report. View 3. However, this works only for depth map les generated when rendering with Maya Software. Follow these steps to view a depth map le Create a scene using a light with Use Depth Map Shadows activated.

Set Renderer to Maya Software. In the eld, type a name for the le, and use theextension. Create a render of the scene using Maya Software in the Render View window. In FCheck, use the File menu to browse to the folder dpf the current project. Open the le labeled. FCheck will appearblank until you enable the Z Depth setting. Youll see the scene from the point of view of the pddf light, as shown here. The resolu-tion of the image should match the resolution setting in the lights Attribute Editor.

To improve the look of the shadow, you can balance the resolution with the lter size: 1. Set Resolution to and Filter Size to 0. The shadow isimproved and relatively free from artifacts.

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